A Lucky Day at Aintree Races

This month has been all about horse racing-  We barely has time to recover from Cheltenham and suddenly Aintree was upon us!

We had multiple clients at Aintree Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week.

I managed to convince my Director to allow me to leave my desk on Friday and help him host the renowned Aintree Ladies Day.

The day started with a chauffeur picking me up in a Mercedes and things kept getting better.  I was hosting clients in the Private Earl of Derby Box, Queen Mother Stand and Papillon Suite. All of the guest packages include a champagne reception, three course meal and drinks.

To put the icing on the cake, I managed to get advice from a client tipster and won a whopping £625- Certainly beats a day in the office!

10338315_833546316735281_7075284068372496771_n 10404379_833546366735276_8081884034190933649_n 10418414_833546260068620_8458813161168758141_n 10419511_10155341987140136_4608717573169349405_n 11008459_10155341986765136_7963680694690553553_n 11018083_10155341976995136_5210094514122581926_n 11041025_10155341987155136_4523843825671520956_n 11102606_10155323929655136_4054814555003868036_n 11124737_10155324080395136_1819257565_n 11125253_10155324080400136_84897158_n 11129413_10155324080390136_2095756540_n 11139659_10155324080470136_1758692789_n 11149156_10155324080440136_110132308_n 11152342_10155341977010136_5496774232651960266_n 11156194_10155341977015136_2685160549785055466_n 11159491_10155341986795136_4476816954383148071_n 11161343_10155341986775136_958997151465631141_n 11161361_10155341987150136_9183089935453024002_n Winner

…Now I need to start convincing my Director to allow me to host Windsor Races.


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