Makeover at the Malmaison, Manchester

The Malmaison Manchester has always been a personal favourite of mine so I was delighted to get an invite last week to view the hotels refurbished meeting spaces & bedrooms.

The invite allowed me to pick from their 3 different ‘drop in’ sessions:

  • Breakfast with a smoothie
  • Lunch with finger food and fizz
  • Evening canapés and cocktails after-work.

My busy work diary (and love for ‘Thank Mal it’s Friday’ cocktails) meant I picked the evening session.


I was met by the wonderful Sales Manager Jay Abbott who showcased the hotel and ,as always, I was extremely impressed! The hotel brand will always be known for its dark interiors, moody lighting and red and black colourings but Mal has managed to step away from this for their refurbished meeting spaces. The rooms now have natural day light and the dated red and black carpet has been replaced with a light grey option. This would suit such a wider array of delegates whilst managing to keep the Malmaison identity



One thing that was reinforced on Friday was Malmaison’s excellent customer service and their desire to ensure that everyone has a smile on their face. We ended up staying for hours, enjoying the live DJ, champagne cocktails and the mind-blowing Magician – Andrew Green. ( Malmaison remains at the top of my list for bringing in the weekend.

Thank you Malmaison for a wonderful evening!



5 responses to “Makeover at the Malmaison, Manchester

  1. Hi Nicole, this was a beautiful account of a beautiful place! I loved it. I am really glad that you stopped by my blog which led me to this amazing space which lets me see all the unsung but enchanting places through your eyes. 🙂


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